Why do I need the iD100? What makes it different from other iPod docks?

Traditionally, iPod docks feature an analogue audio output, usually via a phono connection.

Although this analogue output can be maximised by different iPod docks (like in our iD50 dock), the final sound quality of any dock with analogue connections, is ultimately limited to the internal DACs in the iPhone, iPod or iPad.  As these internal DACs are designed for portable use, they are not designed provide a high quality source in a Hi Fi/AV system. 

The iD100 overcomes this sound quality barrier by totally bypassing the iPhone, iPod or iPads internal DACs, re-clocking the audio data, and providing a low jitter, high quality pure digital audio signal from the iPhone, iPod or iPad, which the customer can then send to their own dedicated Hi-Fi DAC or AV receiver which will have been optimised for analogue conversion.

This process squeezes the best possible sound quality out of an iPhone, iPod or iPad!

Note: Please see the FAQ here about iPhone 5 compatibility

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