Is it possible to listen to or save a radio URL for an internet radio station that is not in the normal search list?

Yes, it is possible to manually enter a stream URL for internet radio stations that are not aggregated by our own service. This URL can then be saved as a preset on your player.

To do this you need to access the player's web setup, or 'webmin' page.


First find the IP address of your player. This can be found in the player's Settings menu or by pressing the 'i' in the Players section of the connect app. 



Then to access the player's webmin page, enter this IP address (eg. into your internet browser on the same network. The webmin page will appear and lets you set up presets, podcasts, streaming services etc. 


To save to radio URL, just enter the links into the Presets field and press OK to save.

The station will now appear in your player's presets. 

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