Can I add an external Hard Drive to the 640H, and how does this work within the system?

It is possible to add an additional hard drive to the 640H; the 640H will treat it as an external portable device. It is useful to add an external USB drive to the 640H as this allows for more flexible storage.


External USB drives must be formatted to FAT32 and be USB 2.0 compliant. To determine whether a drive is USB 2.0 compatible, visit


Note: it is not possible to connect a NAS drive directly to a 640H, a NAS drive will not function with this unit.  To use a NAS drive, please connect it to a PC/Mac and share it over the network.


The hard drive also needs to be directly compatible with Windows 98 without requiring any drivers to be installed. If the hard drive requires a separate driver to be installed to work with Windows 98, then it cannot be used with a 640H, as the 640H will not recognise it.  This also applies if the external hard drive comes with software utilities that are required to be installed for the hard drive to work.


When an external drive is connected it is included in the list of sources (the Look In button in the Music Library). AudioFile automatically scans the portable music player and adds the available content to the database. This content is automatically included in the content that is displayed by the Music Library and the user can select what they want to do with it. As a source of content, the user may elect to play the content, copy it to another device, move it to another device, delete it, burn it to a CD etc. As a destination of content, the user may elect to copy or move other music files to it.

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