How do you delete albums from the Hard Disc Drive?

Content can be deleted off the 640H in single tracks, whole albums, by artist or genre or in 2000 track blocks of the total content. To delete content off the 640H, follow these steps:

1. Select the album, artist or genre that the track you want deleted is in. If you are selecting an artist or a genre, you will then need to press TRACKS.

2. All the tracks in the catagory are then automatically selected. Deselect any tracks that you do not want deleted.


4. Select DELETE; the 640H will show the total number of tracks for deletion.

5. Select CONFIRM and wait whilst the 640H deletes the tracks.

You can also delete up to 2000 tracks of the total content of the 640H by pressing the Tracks button on the remote from the home menu and following the process above.

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