What do the different Audio settings in my DVD player's setup menu do?

Down-mix Mode: This sets the audio down-mix mode to convert multi-channel audio into two channel output. This setting only affects the Mixed L/R analogue audio outputs. The options are:


 Left/Right - Left and Right channels only. This mode is intended for use with two-channel

Dolby Pro Logic receivers. If the content is encoded with Dolby Pro Logic then the encoded

audio will be correctly preserved and passed to the receiver for Dolby Pro Logic processing.

For stereo content the output will be stereo.


 Stereo - This mode down-mixes decoded multi-channel (5.1ch) audio to 2-channel stereo

output. For stereo content the output will be stereo. For multi-channel content the surround

and center channels will be mixed with the left and right front channels. Recommended for

use with TV sets or stereo receiver/amplifiers.


V. Surround - Virtual Surround. This mode creates a virtual surround effect from stereo or

multi-channel audio contents.


 5.1CH - This mode enables 5.1ch decoded analogue audio output. The number of actual

output channels depends on the disc. Note: For multi-channel content, only the left front and

right front channels will be re-produced from the Down-mix outputs. If you are using two

speakers and don't hear dialogue or vocals, double check that this mode is not engaged.

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