Why isn't my Receiver sending any audio to my Subwoofer?

To ensure a stereo signal is sent to the subwoofer from your Receiver, the front speaker size must be configured within the setup menu to 'Small' rather than 'Large'.

This setting is not indicative of the physical size of the speakers, but rather it determines how the units bass management occurs. With the front speakers set to 'Large', all frequencies will be sent to the front speakers and none to the subwoofer. This is irrespective of whether a subwoofer is actually selected as 'on' or 'off'.

When the front speakers are set to 'Small' the bass is sent to both the subwoofer and the front speakers.

Please Note: The above only applies to ProLogic or stereo signals. The LFE channel (the .1 in a 5.1 system) of a Dolby or DTS soundtrack will always be sent to the subwoofer, regardless of speaker size settings.

Other things to check and make sure of are:

  • The subwoofer output is enabled in the amplifier set-up menu
  • Connections are correct - subwoofer Pre-out (from the amplifier) to left line in on the subwoofer
  • The Auto switch on the back of the subwoofer is set to the 'On' or 'Auto' position
  • The volume on the subwoofer is not set to minimum
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