Will the ID10/ID50 work with my 120Gb Classic/6th Gen Nano/iPod Touch 3rd Gen?

Yes.  Apple have recently changed their specifications for charging various products.  This change has already been introduced by Cambridge Audio as a running change to the Apple compatibility chip in our ID10. (late 2008) 


Parts of these changes by Apple include an alteration to the charging method to be used for all devices; as a result we have had to change from our older 12V transformers to new 7.5V transformers.  If you have an older ID10 that uses a 12V transformer then this will not charge the newer iPod Touch devices but will work with models of iPod prior to these, up until Apple introduced this change.


If you have newer, current ID10 with a 7.5V transformer, then it will charge the newer Apple devices such as the Touch 3rd Gen and 6th Gen Nano.  The specification of the transformer can be seen on the rear of the ID10 or on the transformer itself. 


Please note that it is not possible to swap the transformers between different ID10 docks.


The ID50 will operate with and charge all current and older iPods, including iPhone 3G, although we recommend using the flight mode with the iPhone.

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