What is the gain on Cambridge Audio amplifiers and pre amplifiers?

Our power amplifier range have fixed gains of 27dB. 


Our Pre-amps have different gains depending on the various models, which are as follows;

340A - 6dB

540A/640A V1 - 6dB

540A/640A V2 - 9dB

550A/650/651A - 9dB

740A - 9dB

840A V1/ V2 - 12dB

840E - 12dB

851A - 12dB


The pre-amp gain is added on to the power amp gain to get the total.

So, for example, the total gain for 640A v1 integrated is 33dB (27 + 6dB).

0dB represents the maximum gain of the system. So for an 840 product the pre/power amp gain is 39dB, when you set the volume to 0dB the system has the full gain of 39dB.

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