Why will my Sonata CD30 or DV30 remote not power on/off the CD30 or DV30?

In most cases the CD30/DV30 is normally used in conjunction with the AR30/DR30 receiver, which has a trigger function to power the CD30/DV30 on and off automatically. 

With this in mind, the default mode for remote operation is a multi-functional control mode, making the the CD30/DV30 remote a 'system' remote that will also control the AR30/DR30.  As such, the power button on the CD30/DV30 remote will power the AR30/DR30 on and off, which in turn powers the CD30/DV30 on and off.

However, if you do not have an AR30/DR30 and are using the CD30/DV30 as a stand-alone CD/DVD player, the remote control must be set/locked to the CD/DVD mode.  This is done by re-inserting the batteries whilst holding down the CD or DVD button (depending on whether it is a CD30 or DV30) on the remote control, as detailed in the user manual. 

The CD30/DV30 remote will now power on and off the CD30/DV30.

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