My .WAV files show up as 'unknown artist/album'. Why can't I browse my .WAV files by artist/album?

Occasionally with some .WAV files, the album title and artist are displayed as unknown. this can be because of multiple factors, not limited to but including:

- The .WAV file does not contain descriptive 'metadata'. This is relevant artist/album/track number information that can be used to differentiate between tracks on an album.

- The system playing the file may sometimes not recognise the data as it may have some information that is not readable or may be in a different location than expected and therefore cannot find it and list the information as unknown.


This issue can occasionally be overcome by inputting the data manually via a computer. This can be performed through various programs such as iTunes or Windows Media Player.

For additional information specifically for your system please consult the user manual or contact our customer support team.

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