Does the Cambridge Audio USB 2.0 driver work on Windows 8?

Yes, the Cambridge Audio USB driver works with Windows 8. There are two different versions of the USB driver, depending on which Cambridge Audio product you have.


Cambridge Audio product: DacMagic XS, 851D, Stream Magic 6, 751R V2

Class 2.0 USB Driver Version required: 1.67

Yes, the Cambridge Audio USB Driver version 1.67 will work on both Windows 8 and Windows 7 computers. The 1.67 driver can be downloaded from the USB Audio support page


Cambridge Audio product: DacMagic 100, DacMagic Plus, 851C, 751R (V1)

Class 2.0 USB Driver Version required: 1.43

(you can also use driver version 1.67 but your Cambridge Audio product will require a firmware update - see here and here for further details)

Yes, the Cambridge Audio USB driver version 1.43 can be installed to your Windows 8 PC in Windows 7 compatibility mode. Your device should recognize the driver as suitable to install in this fashion.

Follow these steps to get the driver going in compatibility mode:

1.            Download the CA USB 2 driver from the USB Audio support page

2.            Unzip the archive to a location on your hard disk

3.            Open the CAUSB2v1.433 folder, then the CAUSB folder.

4.            Right click on the setup file

5.            Select properties

6.            Select the Compatibility tab

7.            Check the 'Run this program in compatibility mode for' box and select Windows 7 from the drop down list.

8.            Click apply

9.            Double click the setup file and install as normal

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