How do I rename my Minx Air?

As default, the Minx Air will be named by its serial number.  Eg. "Minx Air 100 008571"  This is how it will appear in the app or when selecting it as your Airplay or Bluetooth speaker. 

If you wish, you can rename the Minx Air to something of your choice - for example, "Minx Air Living Room", or "Ben's Minx Air".


The easiest way to do this is from within the app, after you have set the Minx Air up and connected it to your network.

To do this, go to Settings > Devices within the app and select the Minx Air speaker that you wish to rename.  Then press "Enter Web Page".  This will open a webpage within the app where you can rename the Minx Air. 


Type the desired new name into the Airplay Device Name box, and press "Change Name". You will now get a "new settings were successfully applied" message, and your Minx Air will have been renamed.  You may need to close and restart the app to reconnect to your newly re-named Minx Air speaker.

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