Apple Music

Airplay.PNG Apple AirPlay

Apple Music supports the Apple AirPlay service from a compatible Apple device, which allows you to play music through your network player and use the Apple device as a remote control.

Select Apple AirPlay icon Airplay.PNG from within the Apple Music app to select a Cambridge Audio network player on the same network and listen to Apple Music through AirPlay.

USB.PNG USB from my PC or Mac

The Apple Music desktop app can also be played from your PC or Mac through a USB connection to your Cambridge Audio network player when a direct point to point connection is desired.

Connect a USB A to B cable between your PC or Mac and the Cambridge Audio network player and select “USB Audio” as the desired digital input through the network players interface.

Bluetooth.PNG Bluetooth (aptX)

Apple Music can also be played over a Bluetooth connection available by connecting the optional extra BT100 Bluetooth receiver to the Cambridge Audio network player and pairing it to your smart device. 

Select Bluetooth from within the Apple Music app to choose the BT100 aptX Bluetooth connection.

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